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Zucchini Fritters

with Oat Flour & Scallions

A classic Australian recipe – fritters are a beloved staple that uses the glut of all those summer veg piling up in the kitchen, especially zucchini!


I grew up farm-to-table literally, what we grew and raised is what we ate. Fritters were a weekly staple and an absolute favourite; if ever asked what I wanted for lunch to dinner as a child, fritters were most often the answer ~ my Australian childhood version of pancakes, I guess… 


Over the years, I have changed up my grandmother’s recipe to make more nutrient-dense fritters using oat flour rather than all-purpose.


Grated zucchini mixed in a batter made from oat flour + ground flax make these brunch-worthy fritters nutrient-dense, heart-healthy, high-fibre, naturally gluten-free and anti-inflammatory.