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Tuscan Kale & White Bean Soup

Tuscan Kale & White Bean Soup is a light yet hearty vegetable meal. Great served with Healthy Carrot Cornbread.


The parsley in the base adds mineral-richness and cleansing properties, the kale adds folates, fibre and minerals, too, and the beans are a good source of plant protein, making this a true food as medicine meal. 

  • Serves4
  • Cooks in 20 mins
  • Prep time 10 mins


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  • 1 tbsp olive oil | water
  • 1 onion | leek - fine dice
  • 1 carrot - finely diced
  • 2 celery stalk - fine dice
  • ½ cup parsley - fine chop
  • 4 garlic cloves - fine dice


  • 4 cups broth - vegetable | bone
  • 1 can tomatoes crushed | 14.5oz | 411g
  • 1 cup water - rinse can
  • ½ - 1 tsp salt | dulse
  • 1 bay leaf
  • thick woody kale stems

Beans & Kale

  • 1 can White Beans* 15.5oz | 439g
  • 3-4 cups Kale - fine chop
  • 20 grinds black pepper
  • Parsley or Basil to garnish



Tuscan Kale & White Bean & Soup


HEAT a stainless saucepan. ADD all base ingredients. Saute for 4 mins, often stirring until very lightly golden.


ADD Soup ingredients; bring to a boil & reduce to a simmer for 15 mins. The * thick, woody kale stems add flavour + minerals; you can cut them in half.


REMOVE Kale stems – Stir in the drain & rinse canned beans + chopped kale + pepper – turn off the heat—rest 1 min.


TASTE adjust salt to taste. Add any additional herbs + spices.


SERVE in bowls topped with fresh herbs like parsley and Basil.


Serving Ideas
with parmesan or nutritional yeast as you like.   
sides of steamed greens, or a green salad
Healthy Carrot Cornbread
our Body Balance Bread toasted.

Chef Hat Icon Chef tips + Ingredient Swaps + Ideas

*SWAP Vegetable Broth for water or bone broth as you like.


*WHITE BEANS – Navy and Cannelini are traditional – you can use which white beans you have – pinto beans, black-eyed peas, chickpeas will also work.


HERBS SWAP + ADD – fresh rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil. Dried – Italian, oregano, chile flakes


SWAP KALE – Spinach, Swiss Chard or Collard Greens – cook time will vary!


ADD VEGETABLES like zucchini, cauliflower, squash, sweet potato – small diced—frozen peas.


ADD GRAINS like quinoa, rice, orzo pasta, or pastini for a more filling meal. Cooking time + liquid amount may vary.


THERAPEUTIC DIETS – Adapt the recipe and ingredients according to your healthcare provider. Please remember to read food ingredient labels.

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