Tropical Fruit Green Smoothie

cleansing + cooling + immune tonic

The fruits in this smoothie are packed with nutrients and compounds that boost the bodies natural gut cleaning and liver detoxification process.  The fruits & veg here are cooling, anti-inflammatory, high in vitamins, and whole foods naturally high in fibre. 

The ginger adds a little warmth to balance the energetic cooling of the fruits and boost digestion. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal making this smoothie a great cleansing immune-supportive tonic food as medicine.


Use whatever fruit combination makes sense for you. A high-speed blender will make a smooth tonic! A juicer will give you a LOW FIBRE tonic with all the benefits.

  • Prep 10 mins
  • Cook Time
  • Difficulty Low
  • Serving4-6 cups
  • Anti Inflammatory

    Recipes have ingredients with anti-inflammatory nutrients and avoid common inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, dairy and processed food. A whole food diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods can help relieve symptoms of inflammation within the body. Inflammation is at the root of most disease = dis-ease.

  • Cooling
  • Restorative

    Restorative ingredients and recipes guided by traditional wisdom & modern practices that help enhance your natural healing, detoxification & elimination process.

  • Vitamins Minerals
  • Gut Health


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  • 1 lemon - peeled & diced
  • Fresh ginger piece 2.5cm | 1'' - peel + slice
  • 1 cup pineapple pieces - fresh | frozen
  • 1 cup spinach leaves
  • ½ - 1 apple
  • 3 -4 cups water


  • 1 baby cucumber - sliced
  • 1 orange - peel + dice
  • 1 kiwi - peel + dice
  • 2 parsley sprigs
  • 1 cup kale - chopped


Tropical Fruit Green Smoothie


FRUIT wash, peel + roughly chop to make it easier to blend.


ADD all ingredients into a blender jug and blend until smooth.


TASTE if you need sweetness, add more pineapple or orange.  If too thick, ADD WATER.


STORE extra in the fridge and drink within 24hours.  You may need to reblend as it will separate.

Tips + Suggestions

BLENDER a high-speed blender is like having a sous chef in the kitchen with you!  


JUICER will give you a LOW FIBRE tonic with all the benefits.


FROZEN FRUIT – you can use frozen fruit if you want or a combo of both.


TEXTURE will change with different fruit – add more water until you get the consistency you like.


SWAP COCONUT MILK or Coconut Water – you will be adding fat + sugar from the coconut water.


SKETCH by the lovely and talented artist Kaitlin Thurlow