Tomato Jam with Tulsi or Basil

I am always surprised at how incredibly good this tomato jam is!  I had never been a fan of tomato jam until I made this Jam recipe for a class I taught a few years ago.  We teach what we need to learn, so they say….. preparing to teach this class was a lot of fun and really forced me to get back into the swing of jam making, which I hadn’t done since my early days as a young private chef on an estate in the UK with massive gardens and classic English palettes for finely made preserves.


If you find yourself with a pile of tomatoes, this jam recipe is definitely worthy of your time!  I find there is a meditative, soothing and very satisfying energy to putting up preserves, giving yourself permission and the time to do so.  Opening up that jar a few months later in winter makes it definitely worth it.