Spiced Halibut w/ Corn & Tomato Salad

Great for Fish Tacos

Spiced Halibut over fresh corn, tomato and garden herbs ~ a perfect platter for Fish Tacos served with Guacamole + Chilli, Lime Crema.


The yellow flowers here are from Bronze Fennel, a lovely anise-fennel flavoured herb that pairs well with fish.  Bronze Fennel is a beautiful tall airy herbaceous plant that is a self-seeding perennial; this plant gives a lot all seasons long from the fronds to the seed heads. These delicate yellow flowers turn into fennel seeds used as a culinary spice. 


Bronze fennel makes a stunning herbal digestive after-dinner liqueur infusion which I make every few years and give as gifts when I have an abundance of bronze fennel; the pollinators love this plant too; it is worthy of a place in your garden.