Rosemary Infused Raw Honey

A herbal medicinal gift that captures the essence of rosemary: infusing rosemary in raw honey makes a beautiful food as medicine tonic and a potent healthcare product as both rosemary and honey have many benefits.


HONEY • Natural Antibiotic • Prebiotic Food • Skin healing • Antioxidant & Enzyme Rich • Soothing


♦ rosemary is a nutritive tonic for the nervous system and can help lower stress hormones.
♦ rosemary is a premier herb for mental focus, alertness, memory, concentration, blood flow to the brain.
♦ stimulates digestive enzymes, relieves gas, bloating, indigestion.
♦ relieves colds/flu symptoms, headaches, congestion; Rosemary is warming and stimulating. 

  • Serves makes 1 cup
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  • Prep time 5 mins
  • Digestion

    Digestion is an important part of our nutrient absorption & natural detoxification. Recipes have ingredients that support the digestive system.

  • Calms Nerves Anxiety
  • Memory Alertness Focus

    Foods & Herbs that can help improve Memory & Mental focus and Alertness;

    Gingko Biloba
    Lemon Balm
    Gotu Kola

    Food with Omega 3 Fatty Acids 
    Blueberries + Berries
    Nuts + Seeds


  • Herbal Medicinal

    Herbal Medicinal Recipes have healing food ingredients with medicinal properties.  Culinary & medical plants have properties that benefit our health.

  • Tonic


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  • 1 cup rosemary leaves
  • 1 cup raw honey
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Rosemary Infused Raw Honey


GLASS JAR or Mason Jar  – 1 cup capacity.


ROSEMARY LEAVES pull off the central woody stem. FILL JAR ¾ full of leaves – press down to pack lightly.


POUR over raw honey.  With a skewer or teaspoon, gently and slowly move around the leaves to ensure that honey fills every part of the jar and that there are no gaps or air pockets – gentle tap jar base then press down rosemary & tap a repeat few times.


TOP OFF jar with honey filling almost to the top rim.  Tap base on the counter gently to ensure every last air bubble is out. 


LID-ON – label & date jar and store in a cool dark place to infuse.  I like to infuse my honey for 2 lunar cycles or 8 weeks before using it. 4 weeks is the minimum.  Personally, I do not strain out the rosemary; I leave it in the jar and spoon out the honey as needed.



USES –  Culinary & Medicinal   
drizzle over fruit platters, cereals, yoghurts, desserts.
as a spread as you would regular honey.  
in salad dressings, vinaigrettes.


as a tonic in warm lemon drinks & teas when you feel a cold | virus coming on. 
mixing into drinks cold & warm to add sweetness & powerful anti-microbial properties. 
skin healing, use on cuts, skin blemishes, acne and fungal infections.


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  • ROSEMARY is known for • Anti-Inflammatory • Digestive • Nervous System Tonic • Anti-microbial • Boost Memory
  • HONEY • Natural Antibiotic • Prebiotic Food • Skin healing • Antioxidant & Enzyme Rich • Soothing


WINTER TONIC – a great tonic to have on hand during the cold & flu season.


MELTING CANDIED RAW HONEY – gently warm on the stove until just warm and beginning to melt.  Set the jar in a warm safe place to melt.  PLACE glass jar in a pot of hot water.


PRESERVE all the flavours and medicinal properties of raw honey use low warming heat, not high heat. Stir into hot water & tea don’t pour boiling water over raw honey.


STORE LONG TERM – In my experience, infused raw honey does not candy completely due to the plants’ natural water & essential oil content; you can store Rosemary Infused Honey with the plant material for a long time – flavour and essential oils content may alter over time.

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