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Roasted Sweet Potato & Black Bean Tacos

Low Carb ~ use Romaine Lettuce leaves as Taco shells.


These tacos are fabulous, fun and healthy! I developed this recipe for a food styling and chef hand’s recipe making videos for a health care company for their clients ~ SO FUN! Here is the recipe for you, along with a sneak peek of pics of the world of food filming behind the scenes! It was a wild, fun, dynamic and complex work adventure; I loved it ~ who knew cutting a sweet potato on video would be tricky…it is!?!


When roasted in the oven, something magical happens with the marinade, sweet potatoes and black beans – you get a lovely sweet + spicy flavour balance and some great textures.   


Top the taco mix with fresh cilantro, or if you want to add some extra greens, mix in some finely chopped spinach or kale – the residual heat of the roasted vegetables will gently steam it. Wrap it all up in your favourite taco shells and serve with all the fixings ~ Guacamole.


Seasonal eating ~ swap your vegetable ingredients for the in-season produce from your local farmer’s markets and gardens.