Rhubarb Blueberry Oat & Almond Cake

A cake to celebrate new beginnings and the sweetness of patch to plate living!

I created this recipe on a cooking sabbatical at Meeting House Farm ~ a biodynamic urban farm in Maine with the sweetest soil,the coolest kitchen crew and tasting team around! 


We happily ate this cake for breakfast and dessert made with farm fresh eggs straight from the ladies, juicy green rhubarb from the garden, local blueberries and yoghurt made by friends up the road at Swallow Tail FarmInstead of using butter or oil, this recipe uses yoghurt and almond flour, giving a lovely moist crumb + oat flour, making this cake nutrient-dense and naturally gluten-free.  


Rhubarb is not a plant reserved just for spring, every gardener that grows it knows.  Rhubarb is with us throughout the growing season; it is one of the first vegetables to appear and the last to disappear as we move through the seasons. 


We celebrate rhubarb’s edible stalk in spring when it first appears, yet sadly as the season goes by rhubarb gets forgotten even though it is a perfect pairing for many sweet + savoury dishes and preserves. Rhubarb can be eaten raw or cooked and has a multitude of health benefits.