Radish & Curly Kale Salad

A simple and vibrant kale salad with a lemon & garlic dressing ~ a light, fresh and satisfying botanical bowl full of crunch!


Shop your local farms and farmers’ markets for thoughtfully grown in-season vegetables.

  • Serves 2 - 4
  • Cooks in 0
  • Prep time 10 mins
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  • 6 cups curly kale leaves - torn
  • 1 watermelon radish -julienne | matchstick
  • 1 scallion - sliced
  • 3-4 tbsp | 1 lemon - juiced
  • 1-2 tbsp olive oil | cider vinegar
  • 1-2 garlic clove - peel + crushed
  • ½ tsp salt | dulse
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Radish & Curly Kale Salad


WASH all your vegetables. Peel watermelon radish, slice into disks then into matchsticks = julienne. Trim root end off scallion and slice on an angle – see photo gallery boards.


DRY kale leaves. Tear off the middle rib stem and into small bite-sized pieces.


FINELY chop peeled garlic.Then crush the chopped garlic with salt using your knife tip or with a fork or back of a spoon.


SQUEEZE lemon juice and combine in a bowl big enough for the salad with olive oil at garlic. Whisk together with a fork.


ADD KALE rub kale leaves massaging a little with your fingertips- this will soften the leaves.


ADD radish + scallions, toss and serve.


STORE salad un-dressing in the fridge in a glass container with a lid. And the dressing in a separate jar. Combine and rub kale leaves with dressing just before serving.


Serving Ideas
with Lemon Garlic Tahini
with Orange Cider Vinaigrette 
with Tangy Herb Miso Dressing
with Mustard Dressing
drizzle with Miso Jalapeno Satay Sauce
with Peanut, Almond & Herb Pesto-style Dip
with Iron Maiden Pesto
serve with Hummus
with Cranberry & Orange Salsa
toss with Chive & Thyme Herbal Dressing

make Spicy Roasted Veggie Bowls
topped with Cider & Spice Roasted Nuts
with Spinach & Artichoke Spaghetti
with Super Green Hummus
with Harissa Roasted Chicken & Sweet Potato

Chef Hat Icon Chef tips + Ingredient Swaps + Ideas

JULIENNE = matchstick cut – see photo gallery for knife skills.


ADD | SWAP for vegetables like hakurei salad turnips, celery, kohlrabi, cucumber, peppers, fennel, apple, bok choy, cabbage, tomatoes. 


ADD HERBS like chives, basil, parsley, cilantro, dill, celery leaves.


ADD cooked grains, beans, nuts, seeds, cheese, olives, sundried tomatoes. Sprouted lentils


ADD LEAFY GREENS like lettuces, romaine, endive, chicory, radicchio, arugula, cabbage, bok choy, frisee.


THERAPEUTIC DIETS – Adapt the recipe and ingredients according to your healthcare provider. Please remember to read food ingredient labels. 

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