Quinoa & Teff Seed Bread

∙ whole-ingredient ∙ protein + mineral rich ∙ naturally gluten free

This bread will give you some serious “nutritional bang for your bite and buck” it is deeply nutrient-dense and made with protein-rich quinoa, teff, flax & chia seeds. A naturally anti-inflammatory gluten-free recipe that is also starch-free using only whole ingredients that are restorative, sustaining and supportive.


The timing from thinking about making this to having a great loaf of nutrient-dense bread to eat is less than 4 hours using affordable staple whole ingredients. This recipe comes together quickly with a soak + blend + bake approach, making this fabulous bread very straightforward.


The teff gives this bread a fabulous, fun texture and lovely nutty flavour while adding essential vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, amino acids, B & C vitamins and prebiotic fibre that supports gut microbiota and our immune system. This bread is different from the mainstream and tastes completely different toasted! 


Teff is good for us and our changing environment. It is a drought-resistant, heat-tolerant, fast-growing grass with tiny seeds that grind into flour with warm earthy tones, rich in protein, iron, and essential minerals; teff is naturally gluten-free.