Nettle Tea Porridge

I love nettles! Nettles and parsley are possibly two of my favourite food as medicine plants; both arrive early in spring, bringing with them sweet, salty, tonifying and mineral-rich qualities. 


Plants are such great teachers, and what I love about stinging nettle is she has an opposing balance of soft, light and delicate flavours that have deeply nourishing and strengthening qualities. Nettle reminds me that with delicate beauty, there is strength, will subtle tendencies, there is depth, and if I don’t consider all of that and approach her with respect, I am going to get stung.  


This recipe is a perfect spring morning nettle exploration and approach to using food as medicine. After carefully harvesting your fresh nettle tips, you make a lovely Nettle Tea. While sipping your tea, you make a simple porridge using both the nettle tea and the freshly steeped leaves with quinoa or oats, adding a mix of seeds and dried fruit to add both flavour and nutrient density—a simple herbal and functional nutrition way to start the day and support vibrant health.


I have used quinoa flakes here as they are a rich source of plant protein; the nettle tea balances out the quinoa flavour nicely, adding a subtle sweetness. Chop and mix in nettle tea leaves and drizzle with maple syrup for a classic New England seasonal spring breakfast.