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Herb Chickpea & Quinoa Pancakes with Avocado Salad

A great alternative to eating bread and processed gluten-free products. Savoury pancakes made with mineral-rich herbs and high-protein chickpea & quinoa flour. Serve with avocado, sauerkraut + salad greens or any toppings you like.


This recipe gives you a lot of flexibility and you can have good food fun by switching up the toppings and pancake flavour additions to suit your food style; try these simple and nutrient-dense pancakes as a wholesome breakfast and bread alternative.


Chickpeas and quinoa are naturally gluten-free, so this fits with an anti-inflammatory focused diet style. These plants are a rich source of protein and amino acids and help to balance blood sugar and cholesterol; the high fibre content supports a healthy digestive system.