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Green Spark Pesto

This recipe was inspired after a weekly Saturday morning pilgrimage to Portland Farmers Market, followed by an always-inspiring conversation with Austin, the farmer at Green Spark Farm


We were talking turnips…hakurei or salad turnips, to be precise. He got me thinking about turnip greens and how most of us do not realise we can eat them… how we throw away what is “Austin’s favourite salad green”….some serious food for thought right there, especially coming from this farmer who grows the best of the best!


Green Spark Pesto is a blend of hakurei turnip greens, peas, parsley and pumpkin seeds; it is oil-free because you do not need it… add a splash of vinegar or lemon juice + a sprinkle of salt or dulse, and you have a vibrant pesto with a lot of spark ~ thank you, Austin, you rock!