Fish with Tomato, Chilli & Lime Sauce

This is one of my very favourite dishes that I will happily eat any time of the day. Pan-seared fish over a Vietnamese-style tomato sauce spiked with garlic, chilli, kaffir lime and herbs.  Kaffir lime leaves have a deep meaty lime flavour, and a little goes a long way.


If you are not familiar with kaffir lime leaves, think of them like fresh bay leaves that are lime flavoured. You find them in the fresh herb section with bay leaves in many supermarkets and Asian and specialty stores. I usually buy 2 packets when I see them and freeze them to store.


Use frozen lime leaves straight from the freezer, finely chop and add to recipes. They are an excellent addition to pair with Asian-fusion flavours. Like a bay leaf, you can use a whole kaffir leaf to add a lime fragrance, rice and noodles are a classic example; discard the leaf before serving.