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Delicata Squash, Turnip & Watermelon Radish Salad

In-season nutrient-dense autumnal salad with roasted vegetables, fresh and warming flavours and lots of great textures. Add white beans, chickpeas, grilled tofu, or chicken for a heartier dish. You can easily make this recipe oil-free and add olives, nuts or seeds for healthy fats.

  • Serves2-4
  • Cooks in 20-30 mins
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • High Fibre

    High fibre foods are an important part of a healthy digestive system. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are high in fibre.

  • Anti Oxidants

    Anti-oxidant are phytonutrients that can help slow & prevent cellular damage from free radicals that can cause disease. Many plants contain anti-oxidants.

  • Anti Inflammatory

    Recipes have ingredients with anti-inflammatory nutrients and avoid common inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, dairy and processed food. A whole food diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods can help relieve symptoms of inflammation within the body. Inflammation is at the root of most disease = dis-ease.

  • Warming
  • Blood Sugar Balancing


adds to shopping list


  • 1 small delicata squash
  • 2 purple top turnips
  • 2 tsp olive oil | aminos
  • ½ tsp sea salt | dulse
  • 4 cups endive leaves - rough chop
  • 1 watermelon radish - fine diced
  • ½ cup parsley | herb leaves

Spiced Vinaigrette

  • 2 tbsp olive oil | orange juice
  • 2 tbsp vinegar cider | white balsamic
  • ½ tsp smoked paprika
  • ½ tsp gnd cumin
  • ½ tsp pumpkin spice | cake spice*
  • 1 tsp salt



Delicata Squash, Turnip & Watermelon Radish Salad


PREHEAT OVEN 400 F | 200 C.  Line a sheet pan with parchment paper.


WASH VEG.  Cut delicata in ½. Scoop out seeds and cut into ¼’s.  Cut the purple top turnip into wedges.


PILE delicata + turnip onto sheet pan in an even layer; sprinkle with oil | aminos, salt | dulse and toss to coat. 


ROAST 20 – 30 mins – until tender with some nice crispy brown edges.


MIX endive + ½ the watermelon radish + parsley in a bowl.


PLATE mixed greens.  TOP with roasted veg + remaining radish. 


SERVE DRIZZLED generously with vinaigrette.


all ingredients to a glass jar, shaker or blender and blend until well combined.
TASTE adjust salt & vinegar, and spices to taste. 


Serving Ideas
top with olives or Spiced Seeds
top with Cider & Spice Roasted Nuts
add roasted chickpeas or cooked quinoa
add grilled tofu, halloumi or chicken

Chef Hat Icon Chef tips + Ingredient Swaps + Ideas

**ADDED VEG – I had a few steamed greens leftover that I tossed with the endive before plating the roasted veg = upcycling!


SWAP OIL in roasting for liquid aminos, soy sauce or balsamic vinegar. Swap oil in vinaigrette for orange juice.


*PUMPKIN SPICE in a salad dressing ~ oh yes, it’s fabulous!! SWAP for a pinch of ground allspice, cinnamon or ginger.


SWAP VINAIGRETTE for balsamic dressing, Honey Mustard Dressing, or Lemon Tahini Sauce.


SWAP ENDIVE for frisee, radicchio, red cabbage, napa cabbage, crispy lettuce, rocket | arugula or any green you like.


SWAP DELICATA | TURNIP for squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, celeriac, cauliflower, romesco or broccoli.


ADD roasted chickpeas or cooked quinoa—grilled tofu or chicken. Olives, nuts and seeds.


THERAPEUTIC DIETS – Adapt the recipe and ingredients according to your healthcare provider.
Please remember to read food ingredient labels. 

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