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Date & Currant Ancient Grain Granola Clusters

high protein ancient grains sweetened with dates

A simple cupboard staple granola recipe with quinoa & buckwheat adds both crunch and plant-based protein to your cereal.  Dates are nutrient-dense and used as a sweetener by soaking and blended with other wet ingredients.   


Currants have lots of great health benefits and are perfect fruit addition as they get nice and chewy during baking & currants generally don’t have added oils + sugars etc., as some dried fruits do.


I use the sandwiched sheet pan technique that makes for hands-off NO stirring during baking and creates golden crunchy clusters of granola.  Due to the date paste method, this recipe is left in the oven to cool when finished cooking.  I find myself eating this on its own with my hot cacao or coffee for a little afternoon, pick-me-up treat with Walnut Milk. I love it!