Chive Flower Vinegar

capturing the essence of spring chive blossoms

Create a vibrant coloured vinegar with a delicate chive flavour by infusing chive flowers;

enjoy the spring blossoms all year round.

  • Prep 5 mins
  • Cook Time 0
  • Difficulty Low
  • Serving2 cups
  • Herbal Medicinal

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✓ adds to shopping list

  • 1 ½ - 2 cups vinegar*
  • 4 cups chive flowers


Chive Flower Infused Vinegar


PICK your chive flowers – snip off the stem at the base of the flower.  If you want to wash your flowers – let them dry completely before infusing.


GLASS JAR or Mason Jar  – 2 cup | 16oz | 1 Pint with a lid.


FILL JAR ¾ full with Chive Flowers  – gently press down chive flowers to lightly pack the jar.


POUR in 1½ cups vinegar.  Stir gently = press & slowly move around chive flowers until they are soaked, and there are no dry gaps or air pockets.


TOP OFF jar with vinegar filling almost to the top rim.  Tap base on the counter gently to ensure every last air bubble is out. 


COVER the jar with parchment | wax paper unless you use a glass or plastic lid as vinegar is acidic and can cause metal to rust. 


LID-ON – label & date jar and store in a cool dark place to infuse.  I infuse my vinegar 2 lunar cycles | 8 weeks before using it.  2 weeks is the minimum. 


STRAIN off vinegar;  put a strainer over a bowl – pour in chive flowers and vinegar and let drain.  Discard chive flowers.  Store vinegar in a nice clear glass bottle so you can enjoy the vibrant colour. 


This vibrant vinegar looks great on the table and tastes great too.
Dress your salad greens with chive flower vinegar and olive oil.
Use in salad dressings and vinaigrettes recipes.
Use in cocktails and mix drinks like a bloody mary.

Tips + Suggestions

* VINEGAR you want to use a light coloured vinegar that you like to eat – white balsamic is my favourite.  Rice, white wine, champagne and raw apple cider vinegar are all great choices.


ACV – raw apple cider is a great choice if you want to add some food as medicine health benefits.


SHRUBS + FIRE CIDER – make drinks & tonics with chive flower vinegar use ACV for your infusion.