Celery Root Remoulade

with Mustard Tahini Miso Dressing



Celeriac, also known as Celeriac, is rough on the outside root vegetable with a lovely creamy white inside and a delicate celery-like flavour; it can be eaten raw or cooked. Celery root is a high-fibre, low-carb, low-calorie, mineral-rich vegetable.


Celery Root Remoulade is a classic French dish made with lots of mayonnaise. I have created a healthy twist on the traditional recipe that is cholesterol-free, low in calories and has fermented foods for gut health. The mustard + tahini + miso + vinegar combination makes this dressing feel creamy and taste great!


The celery root I used was from Goranson Farm in Dresden, Maine; it was up there as one of the best I have ever eaten, sweet and crisp; their potatoes are AMAZING. Their carrots are sweet and gorgeous; you would not want to waste a scrap without peeling carrots!


Farmers Jan & Rob have been organically farming this land since 1985; Jan’s parents farmed potatoes in the 1960s.

That is a lot of family farming history ~ buying locally grown food assures a better future with better food and local jobs and preserves a piece of living history and the wisdom of the past that infuses the land and the community.


Goranson Farm offers a free choice CSA and serves regional farmers’ markets and local restaurants.