Butternut Squash & Miso Skordalia

The note in my recipe development workbook next to this recipe is stunning, and it is! A lovely smooth whipped blend of roasted butternut and garlic with tahini and miso, which adds a rounded and grounded nutty umami flavour, healthy fats and probiotics. 


Tahini is made from sesame, which feeds our brain, adds some dopamine and hormone support to the dish and makes those fat-soluble vitamins A & E in the butternut squash bioavailable; miso is a fermented food containing probiotics as well as prebiotics.


This fabulous food as medicine recipe can be served as a dip or spread like you would hummus or as a vegetable puree topped with mushrooms, greens and your protein of choice. Skordalia is a Greek + Mediterranean dish that is traditionally made with potatoes, garlic, olive oil, herbs, lemon or nuts; it is an elevated mashed potato style dish.