Body Balance Quinoa Bread

whole ingredients + protein-rich + naturally gluten free

This bread tastes great, is naturally gluten-free and the recipe uses basic whole ingredients, not refined starches or flours. The base is quinoa, a protein-rich whole grain, soaked and then blended into a dough with a mix of flax & chia seeds that help bind the bread together and are an excellent source of nutrients that are very cleansing & stimulating for the digestive system, helping support natural detoxification.


Tasty + nourishing + quick, this recipe bakes into a firm sandwich bread texture. From thinking about making it to having a great loaf of nutrient-dense goodness to eat, it takes less than 4 hours, and it’s primarily hands-off, using basic pantry ingredients. Although it might look like a lot of ingredients, the recipe comes together very quickly with a soak + blend + bake method that is easy to make!   


New tastes and making healthy changes take time – that’s ok! This bread is different from the mainstream; it’s great toasted, so toast it until you get used to it, topping it with your favourite ingredients – eat to thrive!