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Berry & Honey Yoghurt Parfait

I LOVE frozen berries! There are so many benefits to using frozen berries and defrosting them: practicality, affordability, sustainability, and the gorgeous juice created when the berries defrost makes a lovely juicy base with full berry flavours.


A meal in a glass recipe that is all about nourishment, not punishment, which is at the very core of Botanical Kitchen’s food philosophy! This simple parfait of defrosted mixed berries layered with probiotic yoghurt, our super seed mix and antimicrobial raw honey is packed with botanical benefits = naturally detoxifying + high fibre + prebiotics + probiotics + healthy fats + vitamins and minerals + plant protein.


A healthful light bite that travels well when made in a mason jar, making it perfect for those busy-on-the-go days – remember to pack a spoon. Choose whichever style of plain yoghurt aligns with your eating style.