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Balsamic Roasted Beetroot, Sweet Potato & Bean Bowls

Bright, sweet, earthy & warming is the flavour dynamic of this fabulous oil-free dish; spiced balsamic roasted beets, sweet potatoes & beans. When roasted in the oven, something magical happens with the marinade, root vegetables and beans – you get a lovely sweet + spicy flavour balance and some great textures.   


Serve assembled in bowls on a bed of greens and herbs, drizzle with smokey tahini sauce, sour cream or salsa, take on a picnic or make into a plant-based taco fiesta; wrap it up in your favourite taco shells and serve with all the fixings like guacamole or jalapeno salsa.


Seasonal eating ~ swap your vegetable ingredients for the in-season produce from your local farmer’s markets and gardens.