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Swiss Chard | Silverbeet

Beta vulgaris
Amaranthaceae – Beet Family

Biennial –  goes to flower & seed in the 2nd year.

Edible Flower
Small edible spinach-like leaves form on the stalk as the plant goes to flower & seed.

Common Names + Colours & Types:
Swiss Chard
Spinach Beet
Colours: Red Ruby, Orange, Yellow, Green, White Swiss Chard
Rainbow Chard – which is a mix of different colours
Single Colours
Heirloom Varieties
Barese – dwarf style

Swiss Chard | Silverbeet ~ How to cut + cook + eat.


Eat colourful leaf with stem.


Where I grew up, we call it Silverbeet, and there was always lots in my Grandma’s garden and on the plate.  It was never my favourite as a child, but I adore it as a chef and gardener. 


Swiss chard is the plant in the garden that keeps on giving; it is hardy and consistent, vibrant, colourful and dependable – when everything else is looking a little drab or heat struck or touched by frost Swiss Chard is stead-fast.  I like to plant it in beds beyond the vegetable garden for a consistent edible splash of colour,


You can swap Swiss Chard for Spinach in just about any recipe.  A nutrient-dense leafy green vegetable rich in vitamins + minerals, + anti-oxidants ~ a literal eat the rainbow food!



Wash leaves + Stem.  Chop leaves & slice stems according to the recipe.


COOK.  – use Swiss Chard in just about any Spinach recipe.

Raw – Salads – baby leaves are the best choice for salads.

Raw Stems – young raw stems can be used as veg sticks | crudite for dips

Saute lightly in a frypan with a drop of olive oil, sesame oil

Stir into a huge variety of dishes & cuisines to add in some green “nutritional bang for your bite.”

Blend into pesto, dips and spreads



Pesto, Dips, spreads, soups, purees, fritters, frittatas, smashes, burgers, patties, dals, chillis, curries, braises.

Salads, warmed grain salads & bowls, vegetable bakes, lasagna, pies.



Wash and let leaves dry as much as possible. Spread out on a dishtowel in a single layer, then roll up dish towel – store in your crisp fridge draw or put a towel in a bag or container in the fridge.



Sweet Potato Swiss Chard Frittata

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chilli

Tamarind Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard & Sweet Corn Frittata

Tuscan Lentils Potatoes & Spinach  – SWAP Spinach for Swiss Chard

Veggie Bowls

and more…