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Spinach ~ How to cut + cook + eat.



Wash, leave whole or roughly chop larger leaves & stems or cut according to your recipe.



Spinach can be eaten raw or cook very lightly, stirring into finished dishes to help preserve the vitamins.

Saute lightly in a frypan with a drop of olive oil. 

Stir into a huge variety of dishes & cuisines to add in some green “nutritional bang for your bite.”

Blend into pesto, dips and spreads

Salads – young baby leaves are the best choice for salads.



Pesto, Dips, spreads, soups, purees, fritters, frittatas, smashes, burgers, patties, dals, chillis, curries, braises.

Salads, tacos, wraps, bakes, pizzas, pies, tarts, quiches, bread.