Scallions | Spring Onions

Allium wakegi 


Perennial Vegetable

Allium Family


Spring > Autumn


Common Names:
Spring Onion
Green Onion
Chinese Onion
Bulbless Onions


Scallions | Spring Onions ~ How to cut + cook + eat.


Scallions grow long, think tube style leaves & have a small straight white shallow bulb.  They are in the onion family but have a much milder, almost sweet oniony flavour, and the whole plant is edible and used,   


I have a deep love affair with scallions that began at age 4 – the first thing I remember I learnt to make was sliced scallions + tomatoes on a cracker with my Grandma – this was (& still is) a favourite snack of mine.  I remember watching them grow as a child and asking every day “are they ready yet” and the sheer joy of it when the answer was “yes” and I pulled up my very own scallion and ate it ~ that was simply the best!!  Thankfully that sense of joy has never left me, scallions would be in my desert island box…  

I use scallions like herbs in most of my dishes, both raw & cooked and as a garnish. Scallions will elevate the simplest of flavours and add balancing flavours to a dish depending on how you use them.


As with all the Alliums, Scallions have immune-supportive, anti-bacterial properties.  They are particularly high in Vitamin K & C along with an array of others vitamins and minerals.



Wash whole.  Trim off the root. Use all the white and green parts of the Scallion.



Raw – Sliced, diced, cut ribbon style, sliced on the bias / diagonally & thinly  – according to your recipe.


Raw like a herb garnish or sliced finely and stirred through dishes to add a mild, soft onion flavour.


Grill or saute – whole or sliced – this will bring out the sweetness and add some flavour depth.


Saute lightly in a frypan or wok with a drop of oil. – add ginger, garlic, scallions, + soy sauce for Asian style flavours 


Stirfry quickly – Whole or cut in half lengthwise – according to your recipe.  You want to keep al dente texture.


Wash, let dry, then spread out on a dishtowel and roll up – put a towel in the crisper draw, bag or container.



Miso Chill Roasted Tofu Broccoli and Cashews

Crunchy Beansprout Salad – add scallions

Slaw Style Salads

Herb style garnish for many dishes and plates


Smoky Black Beans

Quinoa Chickpea Veggie Bowls

Nettle Spinach Frittata

and more…