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Salt + Pepper

Salt + Pepper

In My Kitchen



Pinch Pots + Mason Jars is what I use in my kitchen + dining tables.


I use & measure fine Pink Salt when I am creating recipes.   I use basic fine sea salt for salting water and use fancier salts on occasion.


Every day for myself & my clients I use Maldon Salt, which I have done for 20years – I have tried to use others but my chef hand & Maldon are connected.  I buy it in bulk as its more affordable




I love a good pepper grinder; it is a must-have essential to me  –  I always use freshly ground pepper.


I mostly use black peppercorns; I like to use white too for certain dishes – white pepper brings more heat with a lighter flavour. 


My grandmother always used white pepper in her mashed potatoes – to this day, her mashed potatoes are better than mine!  The closest I have ever tasted to hers was in a fancy french restaurant in Paris many moons ago. I don’t remember what I ordered, but I remember my first bite of mashed potatoes. I was immediately transported to my grandmother’s kitchen as a little girl – so much so I ask the chef what he put in his mashed potatoes – “butter + white pepper + love”, he said with a smile. 


I like to use pink peppercorns and Kamut Peppercorns for fruit infusions, teas, desserts to add a little twist of colour and fruit-forward heat. 


I buy the best peppercorns I can afford.



almost all of them…