Raphanus sativus


Annual Root Vegetable – Brassica Family

Red + White Varieties for Spring > Summer > Autumn > Winter

Common Names
Cherry Belle
China Rose
French Breakfast Radish
Red King
Snow Belle
Breakfast Radish
Easter Egg Radish


Edible Greens + Flowers

Radish leaves are edible tho. some leaves can be quite rough, tough and bitter.

Radish Flowers are edible; it is worth letting a few go-to flower and seed

Radishes ~ How to cut + cook + eat.


Radishes are crunchy and range from lightly sweet through to peppery and quite spicy in flavour.   


Radish Benefits ~ High in Antioxidants, minerals vitamin C – boost immunity. Have liver cleansing & detoxifying properties. It can help balance blood sugar & have nutrients that can help with blood pressure and heart health. 

Radishes have natural anti-bacterial + anti-fungal compounds.



Wash your Radishes. Remove leaf tops and leave whole, slice or dice according to your recipe.


Radish leaves are edible tho. some leaves can be quite rough and prickly and bitter.  Eat your radish greens sooner rather than later they don’t store well.  Taste your leaves and choose whether to eat them raw in salads or saute, or compost depending on flavour + texture.


Raw – Eating radishes raw in salads is my first choice.  


Lightly sauteeing – hot and swift with a drop of olive oil.


Stir them in stir-fries + noodle dishes and grains a minute before serving to cook lightly.


Roast – in a moderately hot oven for about 20mins with a little oil + salt – you can add herbs.


Parboil –  so they are al dente and toss in garlic butter or garlicky olive oil + with herbs like chives and radish greens finely sliced.


Quick Pickle + Ferment.
Radishes make a great condiment from a quick vinegary pickle through to Lacto-fermentation.



Washed – with top greens removed – dry off as possible and store in a glass container with a lid.


Rhubarb Radish & Pea Spring Salad with Orange, Mint and Pistachio

Crunchy Bean Sprout Salad

Pea + Radish + Anise Hyssop Salad

Pea Tendril Salad

and more…