Wholegrain - Pseudocereal - Seed

Quinoa – Chenopodium Quinoa – is an annual herbaceous flowering plant in the Amaranth Family. 


Quinoa is an edible seed = a pseudocereal crop that is very high in protein.  Quinoa is one of the few cereal crops that contain all nine essential amino acids making it a complete plant protein

Complete Protein is an important part of a balanced diet; quinoas’ superpower is it has all the essential amino acids vital for building healthy bodies, hormones, muscles, neurotransmitters, immune system functions, blood sugar level regulation, and so much more…   Quinoa is an important wholefood to incorporate in a plant-based diet.


Quinoa is sustainably grown in Australia by Three Farmers Quinoa and in Colorado USA by White Mountain Farm, and grown in Essex UK and available through Hodmedod’s, to name a few…


QUINOA How-to’s

Quinoa Seeds.  
Quinoa Seeds grow in 3 different colours white, red + black.  The black & red quinoa seeds have a nutty texture + more antioxidants.



HOW TO COOK  1 cup quinoa raw seeds = about 3 cups cooked.
FIRST RINSE with clean water raw quinoa in a colander. This is an important step for all grains to wash off their travels…for quinoa, the bitter saponins as well.   


IN A SAUCEPAN: 1 cup raw quinoa (rinsed) + 2 cups water – 1:2 ratio – bring to the boil; low simmer, lid off for 15 minutes until water is absorbed, grains are tender with a little bite.  Turn off heat and rest with the lid on for 5 mins—Cool, then store in a glass container covered in the fridge.    



Quinoa Flakes. 

Quinoa flakes are like rolled oats – the quinoa seeds are steamed and rolled, similar to how rolled oats are made. Quinoa flakes are naturally gluten-free, high in protein + minerals, easy to digest and almost instant cooking.

HOW TO USE dry quinoa flakes in granola, cereal mixes, baked goods, cookies, healthy bars & snack style bites. I also use them alot in burgers and patties in place of breadcrumbs.


HOW TO COOK For a cereal porridge style, I use a 1:2 ratio. 1 serving ⅓ cup quinoa flakes + ⅔ cup boiling water, mix well and rest 1 min. Stir again – proceed with the recipe – add flavourings, toppings etc.  



Puffed Quinoa
Puffed quinoa is made like other puffed grains, rice and cereals; you can buy it online puffed or make it if you have the patience.  It is a tiny, wonderfully crunchy cereal; I use it to top many parfaits, desserts and puddings and use it in chocolates + healthy truffle style treats.



Quinoa Flour
A high protein whole grain flour made from grinding the quinoa seeds grain finely.  Quinoa flour does have a slight bitterness to it; toasting your quinoa flour on a sheet pan in a moderately low oven before using it in baking will deepen the earthy flavour and remove the bitterness.  Use in baking, especially cookies and crackers as you would other gluten-free style flours like millet, amaranth, buckwheat.