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Oats – Avena Sativa – a cereal grass grown in temperate regions of the world. 


Herbal Medicinal – Milky Oats + Oat Straw are used as a tonic for the nervous system.


Edible – Oats seed = Oat Groats are a highly nutritious seed processed in different ways and is a staple and affordable food source for many different cultures.


Sustainable – Oats are a low-impact crop in a sustainable farming model. Oats are a good rotational crop that adds diversity to the soil and does not require chemicals to grow successfully. 

Oats – Avena Sativa

Milky Oats + Oat Straw

Oat Groats

Oat Bran

Steel-Cut Oats – Irish Oats – Scottish Oats

Rolled Oats

Oat Flour


** DIY HOMEMADE OAT FLOUR; 2 cups rolled oats in a blender or food processor, blitz until it forms a fine flour. Oat flour texture needs to be fine, not coarse.