Dried Beans

Beans - Legumes - Pulses

Beans – are seeds from a variety of climbing plant members of the Fabaceae – Legume Family that includes beans, peas, lentils.


Beans grow in pods; the beans seeds are dried and store well.  


Beans for drying grow in a huge variety of colours with different flavours and textures.


Sustainable; Beans are nitrogen fixers meaning they have a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil.  They add nutrients to the soil and require fewer chemical fertilizers to grow.  

Dried Beans


Dried Bean Varieties and are a great source of plant protein, folate, iron, antioxidants, both soluble + insoluble fibre.  They are low GI great, making them a great food for pre-diabetic people or have diabetes.  Eating beans can help to lower cholesterol and since they are high in fibre are great for helping maintain weight and blood sugar balance. 


Beans are a very affordable and healthy protein.  Beans are a sustainable plant protein that helps build soil nutrients due to the symbiotic relationship between legume root nodules and nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria.   



Different beans require different cooking times.  All Dried beans benefit greatly from soaking before cooking which is a necessary step for stove-top cooking.  Pressure cooking | Instant-pot you can cook unsoaked beans beautifully.



Dried Beans Varieties

Black Beans
White Beans
Navy Beans
Kidney Beans
Yellow-Eyed Beans
Soy + Edamame


and more… there are lots more varieties + lovely heirlooms too!