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Beetroot | Beets

Beta vulgaris


Biennial grown as Annual – Root Vegetable
Amaranthaceae Family

Spring > Summer > Autumn > Winter

Common Names + Types
Crimson Red
Golden or Yellow
Chioggia – Candy-Striped

There are many different varieties.


Edible Greens

Beetroot leaves are edible tho. older leaves can be quite tough and bitter.

Beetroot | Beets ~ How to cut + cook + eat.


Eat root bulb + Greens – raw & cooked.


Beetroots have a deep earthy flavour with a sweetness that really comes out when roasted.  Beetroots are root vegetables that are harvested young as baby beetroots earl;y in the season and left to mature and harvested in the summer and autumn; they store very well to be used throughout the winter.


Beetroot Benefits ~ High in Antioxidants, minerals & vitamin C – boost immunity. Liver cleansing & detoxifying properties. Throughout history, beetroots have been used for supporting healthy blood, blood pressure and cardiovascular function.  Beetroots are high in fibre; they help to balance blood sugar & aid digestion.



Remove leaf tops and wash separately – leave whole, slice or dice according to your recipe.
Wash your Beetroot root bulbs really well as they are a root vegetable – they grow in the soil.  


Beetroot leaves are edible tho. Some older leaves can be quite tough and bitter. Taste your leaves and choose whether to eat them raw in salads or saute, or compost depending on flavour.

Young baby beetroot leaves are the best choice for salads – especially great in late spring and early summer.


Raw – Eating beetroot raw in salads – either grated or thinly sliced and marinated.


Lightly sauteeing – beetroot that has been cut julienne = matchsticks or small diced, Cook in a little olive oil and then de-glazed the pan with a good splash of vinegar is great.


Steam or boil whole or quartered beetroot until tender is a popular way to cook them.  Then store in a pickling style vinegar in the fridge or can them.


Roast – in a moderately hot oven – I usually cover them.   Salt roasting is fun too.


Parboil –  so they are al dente.  Saute garlic, olive oil, marjoram, and their leaves, then toss in parboiled beetroot


Juices + Sauces + Condiments – Beetroot is great juiced as a liver loving tonic.  Makes greats dips + sauces and chutney style condiments. 


Quick Pickle + Ferment.  – Beetroots make a great condiment from a quick vinegary pickle through to Lacto-fermentation.


Short-term – Separated from green tops.  Wash & dry off as much as possible and store in a bag or container or crisper draw.

Long-term – Brush off the soil & store –  then wash as you use them – that’s how I approach it, so I don’t involve water before storing.


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