Baby Bok Choy

Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis


Perennial grown as Annual Vegetable

Cruciferous – Brassica Family


Spring > early Summer – Autumn early Winter


Common Names:
Bok Choy
Bok Choi
Pak Choy
Pok Choi



Baby Bok Choy ~ How to cut + cook + eat.


Baby Bok Choy is a Chinese style vegetable with a very light mild flavour, the white stem has a great crunchy texture.   It is such a great, affordable and versatile vegetable that works beautifully in a huge array of cooked and raw dishes beyond traditional Asian style cuisines


I have had much success over the years getting children who don’t really like vegetables to happily eat raw baby bok choy.



Wash whole or chop in half lengthways or remove stem base – the soil can get caught in stem base of Bok Choy.



Baby Bok Choy makes a great dip style crudite as the stems are crunchy and rigid so great for dipping.


White base – slice thinly to add a crunchy texture to Salads and use the small whole young baby leaves are the best choice for salads.  


Baby Bok Choy can be eaten raw or cook very lightly, stirring into finished dishes to help preserve the vitamins.


Saute lightly in a frypan or wok with a drop of oil. – add ginger, garlic, scallions + soy sauce for an Asian style flavours 


Stirfry quickly – Whole or cut in half lengthwise – according to your recipe.  You want to keep al dente texture.


Par-boil base in boiling water to soften then plunge in leaves in the last 20 seconds – shock in cold water to stop cooking.


Baby bok choy has a very mild flavour so works well as stirred into a huge variety of dishes & cuisines just before you serve the dish to cook lightly & preserve the nutrients.


Wash, let dry then spread out on a dishtowel and roll up – put towel in the crisper draw, bag or container to keep Bok Choy crispy