Asparagus officinalis


Perennial Vegetable

Asparagaceae Family

Traditionally season ~ Spring

Common Types


Asparagus ~ How to cut + cook + eat.


Asparagus is a healthy true spring seasonal delight – rich in vitamins + minerals with a pleasant light greenish flavour.



Wash your Asparagus.


Trim Off Woody End = base of asparagus where it is cut from the plant.  This part can get tough “woody” depending on when the asparagus was cut.  The woody base end is usually about 1″ | 2.5cm; cut a piece off 1 spear and bite it to try.


BEND & SNAP rule – where you hold the base and bend the top and where it “snaps” off is the part you eat and discard the rest – this sometimes works but more often than not, you can waste some good asparagus, try it and take a nibble of the stem end where it snapped and see…each spear can be different too.


SAVE the woody ends – use to make a flavourful stock for seasonal dishes like Asparagus Risotto.


Raw – Fresh Asparagus very thinly sliced on the bias | diagonal is great raw.  


Grill | BBQ – Coat Whole trimmed spears rub very lightly with a little olive oil + sprinkle of salt.  HEAT skillet or your grill | BBQ


Pan-seared Saute whole asparagus for 2-3 mins each side with a little olive oil + salt – timing depends on how thick your spears are.  They should have a nice colour to them with a little al dente bite. 


Slice and stir through dishes right towards the end, so they cook very lightly.


Roast – you can roast asparagus in the oven – honestly, it’s not my favourite for me pan-seared or grilled is tastier.



Wash – dry off as much as possible and spread out on a dishtowel and roll-up.  Store in the crisp draw, bag or container.