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Cleanse & Hydrate

A guided 21-Day Holistic Spring Cleanse


Using REAL food and plants as medicine

Eat To THRIVE ~ BENEFITS of a 21-Day REAL Food Reset


  • An opportunity to reduce excess + reset habits, feel energized, and Eat to THRIVE
  • It takes at least 21-days to change a habit and reset it.
  • Use food as medicine ~ a holistic approach to clear out excess toxins, imbalances and emotions.

  • liver qi ~ move stagnant energy; give your liver a break from sugary, heavy foods, fats & chemicals. 
  • Eat clean, lean, green plant-based ~ light + fresh food plans + recipes you can adapt.
  • Calm your nervous system + create clarity.

  • Learn how to eat great foods that support your health, digestion, + energy.
  • Heighten your intuition and tune in to how different foods affect how you feel.
  • Shift your mindset, and create a deep sense of inner strength & achievement.
Mason jars w/ cereals & fruit chia puddings topped with fruits, rose petals & coconut chipsSalad plated in a white bowl

Our Spring Reset is an invitation to...

  • Hit reset + re-align with your goals, + renewed sense of vitality.
  • Spring forward ~ clear out excess toxins, imbalances, + emotions.
  • Be supported in community; we will reset together; you are not alone.
  • Learn self-care techniques to support your nervous system.
  • Discovery how certain foods affect your digestion, energy & mood.
  • Eat anti-inflammatory plant-based; fruits, vegetables, + herbs.
  • Use food as medicine and Eat to THRIVE.

How it works

Rooted in ancient wisdom and traditional Chinese medicine practices, Ayurveda and Holistic Herbalism. Spring is the time to focus on reducing excess to support healthy digestion, liver and gallbladder function.

A little preparation can go a long way, we set you up for success with our introduction workshop with a detailed review, cooking demo, Ayurveda practices, online access and your herbal support bundle + you get to meet your community and gather in person ~ you choose which location works best of you or join us via zoom.



  • liver qi ~ move stagnant energy
  • digestion + elimination
  • hydration ~ to support detoxification & elimination 

EAT in abundance
Fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits you like to eat

  • fruits + vegetables
  • herbs + spices
  • no sugar fermented foods

REMOVE foods that are

  • NOT fruits, vegetables, herbs
  • intoxicants – alcohol
  • fried, processed, refined fats & oils
  • refined food flours & starches
  • gluten grains = wheat, barley, rye
  • sugars, sweeteners, candy
  • dairy products + eggs + meats
  • inflammatory & denatured foods
  • additives, preservatives 


every~body is different


Choose what you eliminate and your goals.

Choose what you eat based on your goals.

Choose what you add to your meals.

  • Food plans will give you lots of options.
  • Recipes will give you choices.
  • We will support you whatever you choose.
  • Access everything online from any device.


CHOOSE to Adapt & Swap

If you do not want to give up things you love & “need” that is OK you can choose to swap ~ examples: 

  • Bread – our Body Balance Bread recipe.
  • Baked, steamed, sautéed over fried.
  • Pasta for whole grains and beans.
  • Dates, maple or honey over sugar.



  • better, brighter & lighter
  • digestion & elimination improve
  • better mood & self-care routine
  • less sluggish & have more energy
  • feel nourished & support in your body
  • better sleep & mobility in joints
  • sugar cravings start to go away
  • loss of weight & fluid retention
  • inner strength & achievement 
  • tuned-in on how food affects you
  • heightened intuition 


  • about benefits & effects
  • who this is and is not suitable for
  • medications and any other questions, go to FAQ.

*Consult your medical practitioner for advice before changing your diet*



Chef Karina Hines

Karina is the chef and founder of Botanical Kitchen. An Australian-born farmer’s daughter, she is passionate about seasonal food, local ingredients and using food as medicine. A life student in studying the art of healing with food and the power of plants, she believes “nourishing food is the best medicine” and nutrition begins in the soil.


Herbalist Melanie Rose Scofield

Melanie Rose Scofield is a Herbalist, an Educator, and the Director of the Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions. She has a private practice in Rockport, ME and helps people with depression, anxiety, digestive problems, and many other health conditions. Melanie is excited to team up with Karina and join you for a spring cleanse!