Real nourishment is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

Karina Hines

chef    gardener    herbalist    culinary educator

Our founder’s story so far; in a nutshell….

An Australian-born farmer’s daughter, Karina grew up in the kitchen and garden of her family’s farm in Drake, New South Wales, Australia. Born with the heart of an explorer and a natural foodie before foodie was cool.  This connection with the earth and the food we eat was in Karina from inception and has greatly informed the chef that she is today; one who strives to create healthy, delicious, local and diverse dishes.

Karina has been a private chef for 16 years, traveling and cooking throughout Europe for more than a decade in homes and aboard private yachts.  She established her niche in Mediterranean fare and learned to work with a wonderful array of healthful ingredients.  Karina is a strong believer in the connection between our health and the foods that we eat, in discovering the power of plants, and in combining ancient wisdom with modern techniques for the benefit of everyone, at every point in life’s journey.

Karina runs her own private chef and consultation business in Greater Boston and teaches classes with local businesses, farms, schools and plant-loving communities. Karina’s global experience is reflected in her seasonal, innovative, nutrient dense-dishes that use both culinary and medicinal herbs and spices, served up in practical recipes which anyone can use.

Botanical Kitchen was born out of Karina’s drive to share her knowledge and passion, and to help people obtain vibrant health through food and community, a practical and delicious philosophy for all: “Eating nourishing food is your best medicine.”