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We make anti-inflammatory
healthy food taste great & help people who want to eat better & make dietary changes.

We are here to support you on your healing journey!

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We make anti-inflammatory healthy food taste great & help people who want to eat better and make dietary changes.

Botanical Kitchen gives you the “how to” skills to bring vibrant, flavourful, nourishing food to your table. A sensible and flexible choice for people cooking for different dietary needs, food allergies, preferences and therapeutic eating. We focus on anti-inflammatory foods with a functional nutrition approach.

We offer two monthly memberships, Chef’s Table + Whole Plant Life, providing weekly meal ideas and nutrient-dense recipes using in-season ingredients.

Botanical Kitchen helps people eat locally grown food empowering them to cook local in-season ingredients with confidence. Our memberships provide a blueprint to fill in the gaps in healthcare recommendations for dietary changes and support practitioners, patients and clients. 

We support and collaborate with sustainable farms, small businesses and regional food systems. We believe nutrition begins in the soil and advocate for the importance of diverse chemical-free farms growing vibrant food and healthy communities. 

Our recipes provide a functional nutrition focus to support vibrant health. We believe nourishing food is the best medicine, and cooking empowers the healing journey.


We make anti-inflammatory healthy food taste great & help people who want to eat better and make dietary changes.

We take the guesswork out of what to cook each week and guide you on "how to" eat anti-inflammatory meals and make healthy taste great.

We are here to support you on your healing journey!



Karina Hines is a functional nutrition chef, culinary educator and founder of Botanical Kitchen. Committed to supporting people with therapeutic diets, Karina creates sensible and affordable recipes that are adaptable for people with food allergies and dietary needs. She lists ingredient swaps and substitutions so her recipes are accessible and honour food preferences.  

While she advocates for eating in-season and sourcing from local farms, she encourages everyone to work with what they have available. “Buying frozen fruits and vegetables is great as they are just as nutrient-dense.” KH

Botanical Kitchen is her dream and vision of how she can help improve our relationship with food and sustainable farming to improve our health.



Karina is a self-curated chef who has taken formal courses and experiential cooking classes across seven different countries.  She cooked in the Mediterranean for ten years and learned Italian, Spanish, French, Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. 

Returning to her native Australia, Karina studied Japanese and Asian fusion cuisine and cooking with native herbs and spices. In the US, she studied seasonal New England foraged foods, medicinal plants and mushrooms. In the southeastern states, she explored regional flavours, heirloom grains, creole and cajun fusion. Aligned with her love of plants and her focus on balanced nutrition Karina is certified in cooking elevated plant-based cuisine.

Karina has devoted her life to learning and studying food, plants and the art of healing; her formal studies include Functional Nutrition Counselling, Herbalism & Botanical Medicinals, Aromatherapy, Introductory Ayurveda, The Gut-Brain Connection and Food as Medicine. 

Karina firmly believes that nutrition begins in the soil. She has a deep reverence for nature’s structure and dirt magic.

A true plant nerd, she loves gardening and has studied Permaculture, Edible & Medicinal Landscapes, Mushroom Cultivation and Bio-dynamic Agriculture to deepen her understanding.



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