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Eat to Thrive

is our motto


Botanical Kitchen is on a mission to help fill a gap in our health care system by using food as medicine and empowering people on their healing journey. We focus on “nutritional bang for your bite”, helping people cook with confidence and improve their health with sensible, simple, affordable ingredients.   

Our recipes follow the seasons, guide the cooking process, and offer chef tips and benefits to make eating well easy. We strive to support people in their healing journey by writing menus and recipes for food allergies and therapeutic diets. Eat to Thrive is our motto as we believe nourishing food is the best medicine.

Our goal is to support farmers and help communities cook locally grown food to support their health. Patch to PLATE + Whole Plant LIFE memberships with weekly menus + recipes are a curated “how-to” resource that follows the growing season.

We understand that “nutrition begins in the soil” and how food is farmed can contribute to toxic chemicals in our soil, water, food and bodies;  we advocate for the importance of small, diverse chemical-free farms to grow vibrant food and healthy communities.   



Botanical Kitchen is on a mission to help fill a gap in our health care system using food as medicine and empowering people on their healing journey. With a vision to consult and collaborate with practitioners to help them support their client's healing journey.
Create menus + recipes to help guide clients with tailored everyday food plans to support real diet changes, long term health and healing.

Our mission is to help strengthen our local food systems and help grow healthy, vibrant and sustainable food and farming communities. Our vision is to provide a weekly resource that supports farmers + makers and inspires communities to cook local food with confidence.  



Karina is a functional nutrition chef and founder of Botanical Kitchen; she is passionate about vibrant food, seasonality and the healing power of plants.

Over twenty years of experience as a private chef focusing on seasonal food, nutrition, and health, Karina has studied food, plant medicine and functional nutrition and pursued the art of practising food as medicine personally and professionally.

Botanical Kitchen is her dream and her vision of how she can help improve our relationship with food and farming for the betterment of our health.



Karina is a self-curated educated chef who has taken informal cooking classes and formal courses across 7 different countries.  She cooked in the Mediterranean for 10 years and learned Italian, Spanish, French, Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. 

In her native Australia, Karina studied Asian Fusion, Sushi, Japanese and Native Herbs and Spices.  In the US, seasonal New England foraged foods and mushrooms, Southern Flavours and most recently elevated Plant-Based cuisine with Matthew Kenney Future Food Institute.


Karina has devoted her life to learning and studying food, plants and the art of healing; her formal studies include Functional Nutrition Counselling, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, introductory Ayurveda, The Gut-Brain Connection and Food as Medicine. 


Karina firmly believes that nutrition begins in the soil; she has a deep reverence for nature’s structure and dirt magic.

A true plant nerd, she loves gardening and has studied permaculture, edible & medicinal landscapes, mushroom cultivation and Bio-dynamic agriculture to deepen her understanding.



WORKSHOPS ~ Karina has been writing and teaching cooking and herbal classes for over a decade with food and plant-loving communities, on local farms and in herbal schools. Learn more about classes + workshops here.

NEW in 2022

  • Whole Plant Life ~ Membership whole food, plant-based; vegan, oil + sugar-free.
  • Eat To THRIVE Spring Detox – May.

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