Eat to Thrive


Black and white pencil sketch of a eucalyptus leaf hand drawn by Kirstyn Massie

Welcome to Botanical Kitchen.

Roll up your sleeves with Chef Karina Hines and explore the powerful benefits of plants, learn about food as medicine and how to cook with confidence and eat to thrive.

Botanical Kitchen is where you will discover recipes plus cooking classes combining culinary and medicinal herbs, traditional wisdom with modern techniques.

From budget balancing basics to gourmet diet styles, we have something tasty and nourishing for every body. 


Profile picture of chef karina hines sitting in a kitchen, next to a stove with vegetables in the background
Chef hand garnishing a colourful potato, tomato and herb summer salad on a plate, knife and chopping board in the background
dark fuchsia colour hummus on seed crackers sitting on fresh beet slices, radish slices, beet leaf
close up stack of dried lemon slices balancing on each other, dark yellow and orange earthy tones
woven basket artfully filled with different colourful vegetables and fruits
Silver dollar eucalyptus bouquet draped over the front of a weather teak chair, earthy stone wall background

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